Back From Boston: My Red Sox Road Trip Adventure!

Adam gives full disclosure on his road trip to see the Tribe battle the Red Sox

I am very proud to say that I have made it back to Ohio in one piece! For those of you that followed my trip on Facebook & Twitter, thank you very much! If you didn’t get a chance to follow me online, here is my box score:


We (me, my kid brother, and my best friend) drove to Pittsburgh, PA to catch an 11 pm Mega Bus to New York City. There is a bus from Cleveland that goes to Pittsburgh but the time didn’t fit our schedule. I have a friend from college who lives in Pittsburgh and she let us park our car at her house during our trip.

We decided to get into Pittsburgh in the late afternoon and have time to see the city. We went to PNC Park, home of the Pirates, and ate dinner at a bar across the street called Mullens. I have a question for the city of Pittsburgh: Why do you have a butler in the bathrooms at your sports bars? I was extremely uncomfortable having some dude in a suit trying to sell me breath mints while I was peeing!


There was not a direct bus from Pittsburgh that would go to Boston. So in order to get to Boston, we had to take a bus to NYC first. Our bus to NYC left at 11 pm on Wednesday night and we got into NYC at 8 am. WE COULD NOT SLEEP A WANK ON THE BUS! So, by the time we got to NYC, we were walking zombies.

The bus let us off near Times Square and our bus to Boston wasn’t until 10:15 am. We had to get to the corner of 10th and 41st to pick up our bus. On the way there, we did get to the see a little bit of Good Morning America. They were outside doing a segment about Mother’s Day. They were giving books/CDs to mothers and middle aged daughters, but since I am neither, I left empty handed.

Once we got to the corner of 10th and 41st, we found out that our bus was broken. We had to wait a good hour until a new bus would arrive and take us to Bean Town. By this point, all we cared about was getting on the bus and trying to sleep.

Surprisingly, all three of us actually got an hour or two of sleep on the way there. By 3:30, we would finally make it to Boston.


, you would know that I hate the Red Sox more than any team in all of sports. I must say to the world that Boston is a very beautiful city. For being a very old America city and being very busy, the city is a very clean city to be in. There is no denying how beautiful the city truly is.

We were all very hungry by this point and all that my best friend wanted was a bowl of authentic New England clam chowder, he wouldn’t shut up about it. So, we decided to see what restaurants were around Fenway and we would pick from there. We went to a sports bar right behind the Green Monster called Cask’n Flagon. The burgers were very good and the price was very reasonable. Yes, they did have clam chowder!

But the biggest surprise of Cask’n Flagon was the local beer we ordered. We told the waitress that we wanted a local brew that was NOT Sam Adam’s. She got this blueberry beer, with real blueberries in the beer. I can honestly say that it was one of the greatest beers that I have ever had. If you know what beer that I’m talking about, please let me know what it is called!

Fenway Park

I hate the Red Sox; a lot. I must say that walking into Fenway Park for the first time to see my Cleveland Indians play is something that I will thank God for every day until the day I die. It was breathtaking to think that 100 years of baseball have been played in that stadium. All of my favorite Indians, from Bob Feller to Jim Thome, have played in this stadium. It was awesome.

I must say that when I walked past the “Boston Red Sox, 2007 World Series Champions” sign, my heart wanted to cry. I was a senior in high school in October 2007. I was going through a hard phase of my life back then because I was nervous about going of college in a year, I was heartbroken over my close friend already leaving for college, and I had a bad case of senioritis. I was a pick of a trouble maker at the time due to all the stress I had. The Indians in the playoffs was all that I had to make me happy. When they choked and came one game short of the World Series, I was crushed and stopped caring about everything for a good amount of time. Luckily, I did get my act together and I found happiness again, but when I saw their 2007 WS sign, It reminded me of someone that I once was.

On a way happier note, two of my fraternity brothers met us in Boston and came to the game with us. The one guy is from New Hampshire and is a sox fan. When the Tribe scored 7 runs on Josh Beckett, we gave him some grief for fun. I must say that standing up in my Tribe jersey and listening to all the Sox fans boo because we were kicking butt is one of the greatest moments that I have ever had as a Tribe fan. I will never forget that moment!

Closing Statement

Overall, the trip was awesome and I loved every moment of it. I will be making a very similar trip in June. I will be heading to St. Louis to see the Tribe battle the 2011 World Champion Cardinals.

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TheeJoeC May 15, 2012 at 12:37 AM
You should've taken in Boston more. And stayed to watch your Tribe get spanked the rest of the series <3 Joe C
Rj Naef May 15, 2012 at 12:12 PM
I love Boston. In High School I use to take my mom's car with 3 of my friends and drive there to watch the Celtics play in the Garden. That was the days of Byrd,Aninge, Mchale. Long drive for a 17 yo. I live in Pittsburgh and trust me Not every bar has a butler in the can. Next trip may I suggest going to Pirmanti Brothers. They have the biggest and best sandwiches


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