90 Years in 90 Days: Barton Deming and Euclid Golf Neighborhood

90 photo that define Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights officially became a city in 1921. Cleveland Heights Patch is by compiling 90 photos to create an album of the city's past and present. We'll run the feature for 90 days, one photo at a time.

Today's photo features the home of Barton R. Deming, who developed the Euclid Golf neighborhood. The area's boundaries are: Cedar Road on the north, Scarborough Road on the south, Coventry Road on the east, the Cedar-Fairmount intersection on the west.

Deming was the ninth of 10 children. He was born in 1875 in Windsor, Canada, and moved to Cleveland to join his four brothers in 1893. The siblings evenutally formed a real estate company in 1903 and made a name for themselves developing property on the east side of Cleveland.

In 1913, Deming persuaded John D. Rockefeller to develop a 141-acre parcel south of Cedar and east of Grandview roads. The property, which Rockefeller owned, had been home to the Euclid Golf Club, but the group disbanded and moved in 1912. Members wanted to play golf on Sunday, a practice forbidden by the devout Rockefeller.

Deming built his house at 2485 Fairmount Blvd., the entrance to the neighborhood. He lived in Cleveland Heights for most of his adult life, and died in 1956. The neigborhood became listed on the in 2002.

Sources: Cleveland Heights Historical Society, www.euclidgolf.com


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