90 Years in 90 Days: Frank C. Cain

90 photos that define Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights officially became a city in 1921. Cleveland Heights Patch is by compiling 90 photos to create an album of the city's past and present. We'll run the feature for 90 days, one photo at a time.

If any one person has left his stamp on the city, it's former Mayor Frank C. Cain.

He served a record 18 terms as mayor, from 1914 until his retirement in 1946. In 1921, Cain led the charter commission that installed the city manager form of government. Although he was technically named mayor by , he headed a slate that was re-elected for years. In he last election, he received 81 percent of the vote.

Under his leadership, Cleveland Heights enacted Ohio's first comprehensive zoning laws. He also oversaw development of what is now . He is also credited with getting the Rockefellers to donate part of their Estate for use as parkland. 

Cain was a longtime member of the City Club of Cleveland, and served as its president from 1922-1923. He was 90 when he died in 1967.

Source: Encyclopedia of Cleveland History.


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