This Local Photo Has 427 'Likes' on Facebook

Find out why everyone's talking about a photo taken by a Cleveland Heights Patch reader - and how you can put your own shots up for everyone to see!

This image has gotten quite a bit of buzz on Cleveland Heights Patch's Facebook page. I can see why!

The amazing photo was taken by quick-thinking Patch user Christine McBurney in Cleveland Heights and uploaded to our community photo gallery.

She saw the deer at her Rydalmount Road house in late December. "I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and I thought it was people jogging!"

Barefoot and wearing pajamas, McBurney grabbed her camera and took just one shot of those eight deer — which, if you ask me, turned out great. She shared it on her own Facebook page, got a great response, and shared it with Cleveland Heights Patch.

Several days later, I spotted it and thought it was so cool that I made it the cover photo on Cleveland Heights Patch's Facebook page. And our Facebook followers agreed! The photo has gotten over 400 likes, 80 comments and 70 shares since it was shared Jan. 10.

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Jeri Ann Waltrip January 15, 2013 at 08:05 PM
I live close to Rydalmount & have also been seeing lots of deer lately. They have even been bedding down in my back yard. There have been deer in the Park Synagogue area, but now I think a lot are coming from the Oakwood Country Club where they are now constructing a shopping center. When the construction first started, you could see deer wandering on Taylor Road looking lost. It is not unusual to see deer in the street on Compton either.


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