Cleveland Heights Author Hosting Book Signing Tonight

Nivi Engineer will talk about her new book, "The Indian Girl's Definitive Guide to Staying Single." She'll also read excerpts from her book at the Coventry Village Library Dec. 11.

In Nivi Engineer's new book, The Indian Girl's Definitive Guide to Staying Single, she portrays parents who are working round the clock to get their kids matched up and married.

They use every single seemingly informal interaction as a "Meet and Greet," for example.

"At any time, at any place, you may be surprised with a Meet and Greet. Know that any time you come into contact with a boy your age or his parents, you are in a Meet and Greet," Engineer wrote, adding that a mall, restaurant or park can be the setting of such events.

But Engineer, who lives in Cleveland Heights and is now married, has a defense plan for this situation and others she writes about in her 80-page book, organized by various rules to follow to help the reader stay single.

Many young woman can relate to the pressure parents put on girls to get married, but Engineer speaks specifically to Indian culture with chapters like "Don't break out in Bhangra" and "Sabotage the Shaadi Shot." 

Engineer will host a different kind of Meet and Greet at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30 at BottleHouse Brewery. People will have a chance to meet the author and grab a signed copy of her mock self-help style book.

She's also scheduled to read excerpts from her book at the Coventry Village Library at 7 p.m. Dec. 11.


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