Local Artists' Work to Be Showcased at Heights Arts

New exhibit is from two recipients of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture grants

Artists exploring the relationships between built structures and natural landscapes will be featured at Heights Arts beginning March 1.

Andy Curlowe and Mark Slankard, both recipients of Creative Workforce Fellowships, will showcase their photographs and paintings.

The artists describe their own work:

Andy Curlowe: The photographs reflect “landscape as a physical manifestation of those who live there, and their values and the power structures that basically shape the place.”

Mark Slankard: The paintings “confront the ever-changing relationship between these realms. Focused on suggestive landscape, my work is a fusion of curved lines and blurred contours of natural forms which counter the sharp geometry of industry and calculation. Whether in conflict or harmony, these works emphasize the power struggles between both worlds.”

Click here for more from Heights Arts.


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