Preview: 'Circle Mirror Transformation' at Dobama

Acting class may lead to personal revelations in this play by Annie Baker

There are many routes to realizing one’s true self, and one of those will be on display when Circle Mirror Transformation opens at on Friday.

In this work by Annie Baker, five New Englanders decide to take a community acting class, and the exercises they’re put through result in some surprising discoveries.

“The acting class is used as a model for life’s events," said Juliette Regnier, director of the production. "We watch how the characters integrate, shift and ultimately transform themselves by interacting in this unique setting.”

In addition to the acting exercises, the characters develop their own relationships within the group, and that forms the core of the plot.

Regnier also points out that four of the five performers are actually acting teachers in real life, giving the production an added touch of verisimilitude.

The cast includes Molly Cornwell, Bob Ellis, Joe Milan, Leighann Niles DeLorenzo and Allison Bencar.

“At its core," explains Regnier, “Circle Mirror Transformation is about the beauty of the passage of time. How our perceptions change as the years go by and we look back on events that were either joyful or full of pain.”

Circle Mirror Transformation, April 22 through May 15. Tickets $10-$25. Dobama Theatre, 2340 Lee Road, 216-932-3396. Look for our review this weekend. 


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