Bites Nearby: Favor Bistro

The new restaurant occupying Lee Road’s diner cars promises an 'eccentric' culinary twist

FAVOR BISTRO —  has departed its unique venue, comprising two diner cars on Lee Road. But the new owners barely allowed the screen door to close before they opened up shop. That means you can sample the wares at Favor Bistro right away.

But the menu looks different than Clyde's, said Lauren Hilton, assistant to owner Candi Robinson. 

“Favor Bistro will have a more eccentric menu than Clyde’s did. And we’ll be specializing in dishes with a Creole flavor,” Hilton said. 

Whether you’re dining inside or out on the patio, some of those different tastes include The Gator, an alligator burger topped with provolone cheese, citrus beurre blanc and field greens.

Then there’s a filet mignon with Cajun crab sauce, served with spinach and tomato risotto. And a feature among the appetizer selections is Southern fried green tomatoes, with a side of jalapeno ranch dressing.

Owner Robinson also is involved with the Favor Café, which is currently offering catering services. But even though there has been some turnover of dining establishments at this location, over the years, everyone at Favor Bistro is extremely optimistic about the future.

“We plan to maintain the great atmosphere here,” says Hilton, “while catering to the many and varied needs of diners in this area. We’re excited to be here!”

1975 Lee Road, 216-321-7100. Open: Tues.-Wed. 5-10 p.m., Thurs.-Sat. 5 p.m.-1 a.m., Sun. Noon-6 p.m. Prices: Appetizers$6.95 to $14.95; Soup, Salads and Sandwiches $5.50 to $11.95; Entrees $13.95 to $19.95.

Amy November 16, 2011 at 04:02 PM
DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! Their Sunday Southern Comfort food Buffet was a joke!The food was either so salty or flavorless and a very small selection. I serve more food at my family dinners! They charged $16.95/person. I pay prices like that for special occasion brunches (ie. Mother's Day) at places that served more selection and Good Food. They BAIT AND SWITCH by offering this gift certificate online to attract consumers like you and me to buy, come, and visit. They refused to accept my gift certificate …because I had their weekly Sunday Southern Comfort food buffet. This is their weekly Sunday menu, NOT a special they are running. BAD BUSINESS ETIQUETTE !!! A woman I believe may have been the OWNER, came to tell me that she will not honor a $25 gift certificate I bought online because she has the ultimate decision to change the terms of what is in writing on the gift certificate! Restrictions stated on the gift certificate were “excludes Fri. & Sat., only one per party, and must spend at least $35”. I met all requirement stated in writing, I kindly told her “I’m sorry you just lost a customer, I’m here with a large party which have spent $300-$400 total. My family owns restaurants and as a person who has experience starting and managing 2 successful restaurants , I would have accepted that one $25 gift certificate just so I would have a repeat customer. I won’t be coming back” The woman told me, “ It’s OK, you don’t have to come back.” WOW!
Donald R. Thompson November 16, 2011 at 07:11 PM
I will avoid...not even a 1st time customer...thanks for the heads up Amy. I hate giving business (my money) to those who do not earn it or deserve it.


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