Cleveland Heights Filmmaker Offers Free Video Profiles to Business Owners

Stephon J. Davis will select three business owners to create video profiles for

Stephon J. Davis is in a giving mood, even when it comes to services he could be paid handsomely for if he demanded it.

Instead, the Cleveland Heights-based filmmaker is looking for three businesses in the area to create free profile videos for as part of a contest. The companies can put them on their websites, YouTube channels or wherever else they see fit.

"I figured everyone could use a good Web video to get your name out there more, use social media, things like that," he said. "A lot of businesses are still not really making that transition yet, so I thought it was a great way to open people up to that and be a part of that type of advertising."

There's really no catch other than for business owners to tell Davis how they got started in business why they should be among those selected. Davis said he would select three winners and produce the videos with a two-week turnaround period.

Interested entrepreneurs should email him at stephon@supreme-productions.com. Davis said he does not care what industry the businesses are in, he just wants the businesses to be close to home, in Cleveland Heights or Shaker Heights. He hopes to begin working on the videos in a couple of weeks.

Why is he doing it for free?

"It really stems from me reading a lot of books on business, on personal development, on spirituality, and always seeing giving back as big part of your life and how to grow and succeed," said Davis, who has been living in Cleveland Heights for about four years. "To me, it was like, 'what can I do to give back to the community?' The business community is who I focus on for my business."

That focus is a somewhat new one. Davis has been behind the camera for about 15 years, and has a resume full of commercials, independent films and music videos featuring local actors and musicians. He also handles video duties at city council meetings for Cleveland Heights and the City of Cleveland. Next week, he'll shoot the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at the Cleveland Heights Community Center.

He has already completed a few business video profiles for Lake Erie Artists Gallery on Shaker Square and Velvet Dog nightclub in Downtown Cleveland. The profile videos will be 60 to 90 seconds, feature interview clips with the owner, interior and exterior shots and more.

View Stephon J. Davis' YouTube channel here.


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