Cleveland Heights Patch Readers React to News That Seitz-Agin Hardware Is Closing

The locally owned hardware store on Lee Road will close in July

Tuesday, Cleveland Heights Patch reported that . And you responded.

You shared your memories of the shop on Lee Road, which has been a fixture in the community for 60 years. You shared your concern that you may not be able to find the same service, products and people anywhere else.

Here's what readers said:

Fran Mentch

So sorry to hear this; this is a real loss to the community. Thanks for your many years of service.

Jeff Coryell

This is a real tough loss, I've been relying on Seitz Agin for 17 years. Unlike the big chain hardware stores, you could count on personal and expert assistance right when you wanted it, and they understood the problems that our era of homes present. When my garage door opener wore out, they diagnosed the problem correctly and referred me to right place to get it fixed it.

Anne Wilson

I too am saddened by this news. Being a single female homeowner and quite a dunce at home repair, I have relied on the friendly and wise advice of the Sietz-Agin guys for many years. Thank you for your many years of serving this community!

Susan Miller

… We bought a home nearer Cedar Lee and it wouldn't be operable were it not for Joel and staff who had what we needed and advised us on what else we would need to complete the various projects. Home Depot? Yeah, IF you can find help there... and IF they have what you need. Good luck with that. They sure don't have the charm, the know how and the phone number of the guy who knows how to fix your ancient furnace, rewire that lamp, rebuild those old wooden screens, etc.

Lisa Rainsong

I am so sorry to hear this. Although I primarily go to Dunn Hardware because they are closer to my corner of Cleveland Heights, I have found Seitz-Agin to be very helpful when I'm in the Cedar-Lee area. I hope people will choose to go to other locally-owned stores in our area - and I hope those stores can hold on! I don't even consider Home Depot as a possibility when I need help with something for my little 1927 bungalow. It's the local stores who know what I need and the local stores that deserve my support.

Michael Day

A sad day for the consumer. Another specialized, personalized, local, independant shop closed. Thanks to Joel and the staff for many years of service, friendship, and joy! All the best for many future years of happiness, in whatever your future holds. 
Now I have to fill up the tank...drive farther away...special order in...wait...pay more...from a NON LOCAL company...who doesn't pay all local taxes, support local causes …

linda jenkins

… Yes my family shopped at Seitz-Agin, my sons as little boys thought this was an adventure outing for them ,the store had a feeling of something that made you feel like the hardware stores you see in the movies,one of my sons would say to his father,the person who named the store must have been a little kid ,because he spelled it wrong.He told us the name of the store is Say it Again. 

Carol Poulos

I am shocked and saddened about the closing of Seitz-Agin. I have been coming to Seitz-Agin since I was a little girl and would accompany my Dad when ever he went as I loved the store even then. I love walking in today and remember those times with my Dad. It still smells and looks the same. I don't know where I will go to get the things I need, like geting my screen windows fixed and getting my lamps rewired … The community is losing more than a store it is losing a part of its heritage.

lenny goldfarb

I am sorry to see that My friend Joel Borwick is closing his store, Seitz -Agin hardware. I remember going there with my parents 50 years ago when I was growing up in the Cedar Lee area. I am now the owner of Cedar Center Hardware at 1970 Warrensville Center Rd. in South Euclid. I have always had a good working relationship with Joel and his staff, We would always prefer sending our customer to them or them sending thier customer to us when either of us might be out of an item. 

Jake Crouse May 25, 2011 at 08:29 PM
I'm gonna miss those grumpy guys behind the counter. They knew what they were about.
jeff moss May 25, 2011 at 11:45 PM
This store will definitely be missed. I remember like so many others going to this store as a kid and just looking around. To the residents of Cleveland Heights, don't go to Home Depot, keep your money local and continue shopping at a local store such as Cedar Center Hardware! Lenny and his crew have what you need to keep your old house running in great shape!
Mary Dunbar May 26, 2011 at 01:09 PM
We're losing our preferred provider and trusted advisers on all things hardware-store related. And we have always just liked Joel and the others in the store. Thanks to them for being there all those years for us. We'll miss our regular visits to the store and their advice on our house maintenance issues - our friends in need! Best wishes to the Seitz-Agin crew in the next phases of their lives.


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