Spynga Expands, Offers Classes for Kids

"Lil gym flow" begins this Sunday

Change has been a constant at Spynga Yoga and Cycling Studio for the past year, and it continues this weekend with the introduction of additional space and a new class for youngsters.

Contractors worked feverishly Wednesday on finishing the room that will house the Coventry studio's latest offering, "lil yoga flow." The new class gives children, ages 4 to 13, an opportunity to learn the same physical and mental confidence, patience and peace that instructors at Spynga try to instill in parents.

The new class, from 9:30 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, takes place during Spynga's weekly "Super Duper Spynga Flow" for adults. Both classes consist of two 45-minute components — spinning and yoga. Parents can take their class while children do the same, or they can drop them off. Visit the Spynga website for prices and schedules.

"The great thing is from (ages) 4 to 7, these kids learn that their bodies are beautiful, they can express themselves and it's a great way for them to exert some energy, be playful and silly," Spynga owner Carina Adams said. "Then you get to the teen years when these young kids are growing as fast as they are … one of the things that we really try to encourage and teach them is to be very confident and happy with their bodies."

Spynga — which is named after a combination of the studio's two specialties, spinning and yoga — has been in business for about three years. One year ago, Adams became a franchisee of Spynga, a company based in Toronto. 
Aside from "lil gym flow," the expansion will provide more room for the 12 or so classes Spynga already offers its clientele.

"When we we started, we could fit something like 20 mats on the floor, but now we can fit 50," Adams said.

The expansion will also provide more space for the school portion of Spynga's business, where Adams and her teachers provide instruction for those seeking cycling and yoga certifications. Many of the 15 to 20 instructors who work at Spynga came from Adams' classes.

Spynga will host a one-year anniversary party with food, music and raffles on Jan. 19. Adams' decision travel to Toronto and explore franchise possibilities was surely a risk, but the owner said the upcoming get-together will help her thank those who made that risk a success.

"The community here, the people that come, are just the most amazing group ever," she said. "They're so supportive of the studio. If it wasn't for their support, we wouldn't be where we are now."


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