1897 Photo Shows Grandview Avenue House

Stark difference exists between neighborhood now and three years after home was built

Check out this then-and-now look at a Grandview Avenue home.

The photo is from the Cleveland Memory Project, an online database of historical photos from the Cleveland area.

The caption reads:

Photo which is part of a collection of A.S. Ludlow of Vermillion. The accompanying letter, dated 2/10/1957, describing the early history of the Bellfield/Grandview area is at 2000.004.25. This photo is labeled on the back, "This house [2200 Grandview Avenue] is on the west side of Grandview about the 5th or 6th house north of yours--Mr. Thurston owned it in 1896. The porch was later closed in buy you will easily recognise [sic] it today--was built in 1895 or '6. HSL. Photo-1897." Shows isolated house with rocking chair on front porch.

According to the information provided, the photo was taken just three years after the home was built. To see what the street looks like now, click here.


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