Football Fans: We Need You

Take your hobby to a new level with Cleveland Heights Patch

Football fans, Cleveland Heights Patch is looking for you. 

Whether your favorite team is the Browns or the Steelers, Ohio State or Michigan, or the Cleveland Heights Tigers, we want to know what you think.  

What’s your opinion on the controversial call everyone’s yelling about? Where’s the best seat in the stadium? Who do you think will be meeting up in the Super Bowl this year — and why?

We know you have opinions, so sign up and share them on Cleveland Heights Patch with a sports . You can break down what went wrong in recent games, share the best recipes for halftime or update us on how your fantasy team is doing — it’s completely up to you. As the editor, I’ll just give posts a read for things like plagiarism and libel (and yes, I’ll give it another spell-check for you).

Of course, if you want to write about a team close to home, like the high school team or a recreational league, that’s great, too. And other sports are also welcome. 

But we know there are a lot of football fans in Ohio, and the season is almost here. 

So email Editor Michelle Simakis to get started!

Thomas P Netting August 13, 2011 at 08:10 PM
The sports world (professional) is out of touch with the real world. What they are paid should be illegal. Its a game for gods sake. I cant even afford a ticket to a game. Let alone go and enjoy the concession stand. So what is wrong with this picture????


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