Former Councilwoman Phyllis Evans Recommends Coryell For Council: Letter to the Editor

Evans resigned in May and has recommended that Jeff Coryell, who ran for council in November 2011, replace her.

To the Editor:

Much to my chagrin, it has become very clear that I will the Cleveland Heights councilperson position that .

It was a pleasure to serve the residents of our city after being appointed February 1993 to an unexpired term and subsequently elected November 1993 to complete the unexpired term. I am proud to say THANK YOU to the voters who re-elected me in 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011.

I enjoyed the many years of service, and I am proud to have served the residents of our community for almost 20 years. There were many challenges throughout those years, but I always welcomed the opportunity to make the best possible decisions after adequate research and conversation. I enjoyed serving the city immensely and would certainly welcome the opportunity to , but that will not be the case.

I am hoping that will be appointed to the seat I . He is a loyal Democrat. He ran a very November 2011, his first and only time on the ballot. Jeff campaigned hard and being in the top three by a mere 65 votes. I trust his judgment tremendously. He has a plethora of experiences which would be a tremendous asset to the City of Cleveland Heights. He has kept himself abreast of many of the important city’s challenges and will come out of the gate up to speed. Jeff would be my choice to be appointed to the open seat.

- Phyllis Evans, former Cleveland Heights City Council member


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