Letter to the Editor: Millikin, The Vacant Anchor of Our Neighborhood

A letter to the editor from Cleveland Heights resident Akiva Feinstein

Dear Editor:

It has been six years and the future of Millikin School in Cleveland Heights remains unsettled. The local Jewish community and Mosdos Schools have but have received no real response, just a stubborn insistence that the property is worth an amount that is not even in the realm of reality. Mosdos is not looking for a handout, just an open process.

Millikin School was made from the outset to be a school set deeply into a neighborhood.  A good school in our community will guarantee a strong neighborhood for generations to come, and is the most proven way to keep people there.

This current situation is an opportunity for the CH-UH School Board to show that their duty and interest is in helping every child, whether a public or a private school student. They owe it to the taxpayers to offer a return on their investment. Converting a school into a business, whether successful or not, is a disloyalty to people who gave their money to educate our children, and not for the School Board to dabble in investments.


Akiva Feinstein

Cleveland Heights


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