Letter to the Editor: 'Thank you, Mr. Stein For Being a Man We Know We Can Always Count On'

A letter to the editor from Miriam B. Rivkin

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to show my continued support for Cleveland Heights City Councilman Jason Stein. This past Tuesday, , Mr. Stein asked a small favor from the board. He had clearly put in a lot of time preparing to review with the board a matter which was of utmost importance to him and needed to be addressed. All he asked is that he be given enough time to properly present his view. This is a small courtesy that our councilman should have been at least as entitled to, as was another speaker that evening who went over the five minute time limit without any objection whatsoever from School Board President Karen Jones. His words may have been hard ones for the board to hear. However, he was not waxing poetic about the wonderful institution his children attend. He was not pleading with them to hand over their property. He was stating facts. He was reading e-mails. He was letting the board know in polite, simple words how he felt that a wrong had been committed on their behalf that needed to be addressed. Neverthless, Ms. Jones was very unwilling to allow him this slight indulgence, and repeatedly asked him to be seated.

I first met Mr. Stein when I came to look at the home I currently live in on Shannon Road, which was his primary residence before mine. We liked the house but were concerned about a few issues Mr. Stein had brought up. He acknowledged that although he had invested in weather proofing the basement the system was not perfect, and at times there was slight build up on the floor during heavy storms. He pointed out that the shower needs to be caulked from time to time. When our inspector went through the home he made it clear that the structural quality of this home was good and the concerns minimal. The only difference he could find between this home and others was the integrity of the seller. We would know exactly what we were getting into. Nothing less, nothing more. We were dealing with the rare man who is willing to do and say everything he feels is right, without contemplating cost.

When Mr. Stein asked my husband, Steven Rivkin, to pitch in by volunteering for The Jewish Voters Association as treasurer, he quickly agreed. Steven is extremely cautious about who and what he associates his name with. As a CPA who services a number of clients in our small tightly knit community, his reputation equals his livelihood. Still, he knew from first hand experience that with Jason, he was perfectly safe. He would never be defiled by a man who has zero tolerance for only one thing in this entire world: Corruption.

Let us applaud Jason for restoring some hope. Hope that there are still people working in our government who are there solely to do community service for the sake of making this world, and specifically Cleveland Heights, a better place for all of us to live. Hope that there are still people to whom their own hard earned reputation and image in the eyes of the general population, are strongly valued, but to whom integrity and honesty are worth so much more so, that they are willing to put that reputation on the line to uphold it. Thank you, Mr. Stein for being a man we know we can always count on.

Miriam B. Rivkin

Gordon Weiser March 12, 2012 at 01:39 PM
I and my wife were also at the board meeting. How members of the School board could sit there without comment and not make any apology to City Coucilman Jason Stein is just not believable. I did notice that School Board President Jones did apologize to a minor who was one of the speakers, for mispronoucing his name, and that apology was in order. I believe Scool Board President Mrs Jones owes Coucilman Stein a public apology since he is a Cleveland Height Coucilman working in the interest of his Cily and anyone who was at that meeting should feel the same. Gordon Weiser CPA


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