Cleveland Heights Police Blotter: Man Bails Car Chase on Foot

Police continue to investigate what started out as a speeding violation

Car Chase

  • On March 2 Cleveland Heights Police attempted to pull a man over for speeding, and he took off. The chase that occurred around 2 a.m. lasted for a few minutes, then the driver pulled the car over and fled on foot. Police are still investigating.

Drug Trafficking 

  • Four people were arrested for drug trafficking on March 8 after police pulled over a car on Monticello Boulevard for speeding, and discovered marijuana and scales in the car. 


  •  A driver called after the car hit someone walking on Quilliams and Noble March 4, but the person insisted he was fine and did not seek medical assistance at that time. 
  • Someone returned a missing purse to the Cleveland Heights Police Department March 8.

Grand theft 

  • Two people reported that their cars were stolen from Grosvenor Road and Beechwood Road between March 2 and March 8. 


  • A woman reported that a 52-inch television and $150 worth of collectors coins were stolen from her home on Hartwood Road March 6.

Theft From/Damage to Car

  • Four people called to report that their cars had broken windows and/or items stolen from inside on Cedar Road, Noble Road, Blackmore Road and Woodview Road between March 2 and March 8. Someone called into report that another car window was broken on Kenilworth and Overlook on March 7, but the owner could not be found. 
  • License plates were stolen from a car on Sylvanhurst Road March 6. 

Breaking and Entering 

  • On March 8, copper plumbing and other items were reported missing from a house on Roanoke Road. Another home on Berkeley Road was boarded up on the same day after a water department employee discovered a broken window. 

All information compiled from police call logs and information from the Cleveland Heights Police Department. 


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