Cleveland Heights Police Investigating Burglaries In The City

Burglaries and break-ins in the city reported between Feb. 6 and 13

The Cleveland Heights Police Department are investigating burglaries and break-ins that have occurred in the city. If anyone has information regarding any crime listed in this article, he or she is encouraged to contact the police department at 216-321-1234.

  • A family that lives in the 2100 block of Denton Road had been on vacation when they returned Feb. 7 to find their home had been broken into.

A burglar (or burglars) had taken five necklaces, two watches -- including a Cartier timepiece -- and other jewelry.

  • A burglar kicked in the door of a home on the 3300 block of Ormond Road during the daytime hours Feb. 8.

The robber took a laptop, power cord, Nintendo Wii, two Palm Pilots, jewelry, foreign coins and even a child's piggy bank.

  • Copper thieves struck twice in the city during the past week -- in the 3100 block of Chelsea Drive and the 2400 block of Newbury Drive.

The Chelsea break-in was discoveredon Feb. 8; the Newbury theft, Feb. 11.

  • A new 46-inch television was stolen from a house in the 3200 block of Kildare Road on Tuesday.

The television had just been delivered before. The thief also took an X-Box video game console.

Police could not find any evidence that someone had forced their way into the home.

Residents are reminded to lock the doors of their homes and cars.

  • Finally, on Tuesday, a burglar unsuccessfully tried to break into a home on the 2900 block of Derbyshire.

They busted a window out of the home but gave up when they could not manipulate a dead bolt.

Once more, anyone with any information on these burglaries or break-ins is encouraged to call the Cleveland Heights Police Department at 216-321-1234.


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