Cleveland Heights Police Use Facebook To Identify Suspected Thieves

Amanda Clover and Daniel Waltz are accused of stealing air conditioner units on Northampton Road, as well as other thefts in the city

Cleveland Heights Police Department, with the help of its Facebook page and an attentive resident, identified a pair of people who are accused of stealing air conditioning units on Northampton Road, as well as other thefts on the north end of the city.

Daniel Waltz, 29, of Wickliffe, and Amanda Clover, 27, of Barberton, have been charged with theft in Cleveland Heights.

Cleveland Heights Police were able to identify Waltz and Clover because an attentive resident saw the suspects and their green-panelled van. Additionally, they were able to get part of the van's license plate.

The air conditioning thefts occurred Jan. 11.

Cleveland Heights Police said the incidents are still under investigation.

Waltz and Clover were arrested in Wickliffe where they have also been charged with counts of theft, breaking and entering, and possession of criminal tools for similar but unrelated crimes.


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