Hurricane Sandy Updates: All Trash Collection Delayed One Day, Power Still Out for Thousands

Here's the latest about how the storm is impacting Cleveland Heights.

Updated 9:28 a.m. Thursday

The Cleveland Heights Community Center is still closed due to a power outage.

All Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library branches are open but computers are not available.

Nearly 4,000 people still do not have power in Cleveland Heights, but that is down from earlier, higher reports of more than 8,800.

Updated 12:19 a.m. Thursday, 9:25 p.m. Wednesday

Nancy Levin, director of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, said Lee Road Library now has power, and they plan to be open Thursday, Nov. 1.

Other businesses in the Cedar Lee Business District, including Phoenix Coffee, The Wine Spot, Shawn Paul Salon and The Cedar Lee Pub wrote on Facebook that they now have power and will be open Thursday. Looks like much of the Cedar Lee area is back in business.

Nearly 6,350 Cleveland Heights FirstEnergy customers, or 30 percent of the city's customers, still do not have power.

Updated at 6:10 p.m. Wednesday

Nearly 5,600 Cleveland Heights FirstEnergy customers, 26 percent, still do not have power. Mark Durbin, FirstEnergy spokesman, said most should have power restored by the end of the week, but he could not provide definitive information about specific cities.

He said crews are scattered throughout Northeast Ohio and there was no set plan to get one community restored over another, but the company would devote workers where the most restoration is possible.

He said the wind combined with the rain was especially problematic and the storm was "serious."

“The wind blows the tree and the limbs, but the rain saturation caused the ground to soften for trees to fall over,” he said.

Angee Shaker, communications director for the CH-UH School District, said power is back on at Oxford Elementary School, and all schools should be open tomorrow, weather permitting.

The Cleveland Heights Community Center still does not have power, and there is no update on whether Lee Road Library will be open Thursday yet. University Heights, Noble and Coventry were open today and do have power. People can charge cell phones, laptops etc. and check out books, but computers are not available.

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Updated at 1:29 p.m. Wednesday

Because the Cleveland Heights Public Works department is still busy cleaning up the debris Hurricane Sandy has left in the city, all trash collection will be delayed one day this week. So Wednesdays pick up will be Thursday, Thursdays on Friday, and so on through Saturday. Earlier plans were to do two pick ups Wednesday. Click here for details.

More than 5,230 Cleveland Heights FirstEnergy customers still do not have power.


Updated 11:27 a.m. Wednesday

The RTA Red Line is back up and running.


Though the power of Hurricane Sandy has somewhat subsided, the storm is still impacting the area.

Winds have shut down power at the RTA Cedar-University Red Line station. As a result, RTA shuttle buses and the HealthLine will provide transportation for customers along several east side red line stops today, Oct. 31.

"To keep people out of the rain and wind, the shuttle buses will serve the entire east side of the Red Line, from Tower City to Windermere Stokes station. Again, customers will be also able to take the HealthLine to many of their destinations, along with shuttle buses. Crews are on scene working to restore rail service just as soon as possible," wrote Mary Shaffer, spokesperson for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, in an email.

Our Facebook friends heard about this first.

More than 5,200 Cleveland Heights FirstEnergy customers still do not have power, but that's down from earlier, higher reports of more than 8,800.

FirstEnergy spokesman Mark Durbin said that most residents should expect power to be restored by the end of the week, but could not give a definitive timeline.

The Cleveland Heights Community Center, Lee Road Library and Oxford Elementary School . But all other Cleveland Heights-University Heights Schools and library branches are open.

Some Coventry and most Cedar Lee stores and restaurants still do not have power. Cedar Fairmount looked mostly spared, but it's best to call businesses ahead before venturing out.

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Avon-Avon Lake Patch Editor Lori Switaj contributed to this article.

Nathaniel Brooks November 01, 2012 at 01:44 AM
People in university heights are still without power. It appears to me that mayor infield is MIA once again. This city is a joke an not even a shadow of its former self. Take a good look. This is what happens when nepotism, poor policy, poor decision making, absentee government figure heads, and section 8 flood the community. The American Dream ain't it grand lol.


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