Police Blotter: 12-Year-Old Charged With Attempted Robbery

The boy from Cleveland Heights tried to steal items from another 12-year-old in Cain Park

A 12-year-old from Cleveland Heights was walking through  when another boy came up to him, punched him and searched his pockets.

When he came up empty-handed, the 12-year-old ran. The victim's mother called Cleveland Heights Police, and officers found the suspect. Police say he's been arrested several times, and he was charged with attempted robbery. 

Woman accidentally hits Zagara's Marketplace with her car

Around 10 a.m. Aug. 22, a 68-year-old woman accidentally drove into a window. She said she was tired. Police did not have a damage estimate, and she was not charged. 

Teens charged with Burglary 

Someone called police after seeing three boys run out of a home Aug. 19 on the 2300 block of Delamere Drive with a full pillowcase. The boys ran and were later found by police and identified by the witness. The pillowcase was found on the corner of Ardleigh Drive and West St. James Parkway with some jewelry from the home inside. The 14-year-old from Cleveland, 15-year-old from Bedford and 16-year-old from Cleveland were charged with burglary. 

Three cars stolen

On Aug. 21, someone stole a car from the on South Taylor.

A woman reported Aug. 21 that her car was stolen on the 2600 block of Noble Road. 

A woman reported Aug. 17 that her car was stolen from the lot.  

All information compiled from police call logs and information from the Cleveland Heights Police Department. Arrest and charges do not indicate conviction. 


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