Shaker Heights Police Chief: Claims of Shots Fired at 4th of July Fireworks Celebration Are Groundless

Chief D. Scott Lee says evidence doesn't support gunfire.

Chief D. Scott Lee said no evidence supports the claims of residents who say they heard gunshots at Shaker Heights' 4th of July fireworks celebration,.

It had been nearly 24 hours since the event when the chief said the department had not received a single call from a potential victim or the family members of one.

Lee acknowledged the , including two juveniles, for disorderly conduct in a series of fights. However, he dismissed the idea that the event turned into the riot that some residents and Shaker Heights Patch readers described following the event.

"It was obvious that a large group were not there to enjoy the event, but were there milling around looking for trouble," Lee said. "Nobody was killed. We did respond to the shots-fired calls.

"There was never any indication that anybody had shot (a gun) or was shot at."

Lee reiterated the idea that most cities receive more reports of gunshots on July 4 than any other day because of the sound fireworks create.

"When people hear fireworks, people equate it to gunshots," he said. "I'm not saying there weren't gunshots, but there's no evidence to support the calls we received.

"Nobody still has reported being a victim. I feel pretty confident that nobody was shot."

Dwayne Jackson July 07, 2012 at 05:36 AM
Let me just say,my wife and daughter and sister in law and niece were all there,whom I believe would not fabricate a story as such just to make it seem worse than it actually was,they also attended the firework display last year,and guest what it was the same type of thugs there fighting and causes trouble;but this year it was ten times worse,several police depts had to response,some big tank from the police dept. was called in as if it was a riot,and in my assertion it was a thumb nail close to being one.my daughter's friend also stated that guys were fighting ontop of her car,many were assaulted,innocent folks were caught in the middle of this choas.This is the second year in a row this type of violence has happened in shaker during the fireworks display,In closing I truy believe from the twitting thats going on,these thugs were from other areas,Years ago this type of atrocity was unheard of in this great city we call Shaker.last year on coventry it was just as bad.this Black on Black violence must cease.
Garry Kanter July 07, 2012 at 09:21 AM
You weren't at the fireworks. How can you say "last year on coventry it was just as bad"? Because none of those things happened at the 2011 Coventry Street Fair.
Chris July 07, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Apparently in Shaker Heights someone has to get shot or killed for the Police Chief to recognize a problem. Good to know - they should include his comments in "welcome to shaker heights" letters to new residents.
linda jenkins July 07, 2012 at 11:38 PM
I was there.I posted about this story.I did see people running,I did hear a young man talk about a weapon.I did see a young man punched a young female .I did see multiple Police enforcement ,I did see the Beachwood Police department Swat vehicle,my post was not a rumor,I'm not Anonynomous.I'm a blogger for Patch.My post was not mistaken.This behavior need to be addressed and it is unacceptable in everyone's neighborhood .My prayers go out to the families of Shaker Heights .
Sport July 08, 2012 at 08:56 PM
I was present, w/my husband, in chairs, on the lawn just N. of Shaker Blvd across from the front of the Shaker Middle School doors. We saw, as in recent yrs past, mostly Black teens milling around in front of the school. MOST of them were just doing what teens do- boys and girls watching each other; some innocent silliness; laughter; texting. Soon after the fireworks began, there WAS a stampede of kids running across Shaker Blvd. right near us, many going into the bushes. We sat, as kids just ran around us. They were not interested in us. (Two white, middle-aged adults sitting in little chairs) I noticed two boys that were my students this past year. (I teach HS in a nearby suburb.) I asked them why they were running, and what happened. They had no idea! They said that all of a sudden the police started to spray mace, and everyone started running, so they did. (I told them that there must have been a reason for the police to spray mace- there must have been a fight that others were encouraging!) We stayed and watched the rest of the fireworks, then walked to our car about a mile away in a Shaker neighborhood on Courtland. We did not see anymore trouble on the way to our car. We just saw Blacks and Whites, young and not-so-young, going where they needed to go. We appreciated the intense police presence, and generally felt safe, although I do worry these days, in any of the suburbs, about the possibility of guns.


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