Board of Elections Changes 3 Polling Locations in Cleveland Heights

Voters who cast their ballots at Severance Towers, Oxford Elementary School or Boulevard Elementary School will move to new locations.

A heads up to Cleveland Heights residents who normally vote at Severance Towers, or — those polling locations have been eliminated.

Voters who cast their ballots at Severance Towers will move to Cleveland Heights , Oxford voters will go to Caledonia Elementary School and Boulevard folks will move to the , according to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Because the Community Center is a new polling location, Cleveland Heights now has 16 places to vote instead of 18 and the same number of voters and precincts — 34,317 registered and divided into 37 precincts.

The BOE has moved some other precincts as well to try and reduce congestion, said Erich Stubbs, election official for the BOE. The changes are listed in a document and map included with this article and provided by the BOE. Both documents are drafts that were approved by Cleveland Heights City Council but are not updated on the BOE website, Stubbs said.

The official information will be available online most likely after Labor Day, he said.

The Oxford location was changed because a ramp doesn't meet ADA requirements, Stubbs said.

Boulevard voters were moved because the parking lot is far from the building, and though it wasn't an "ADA ding," it will be more convenient for customers, Stubbs explained.

Severance was closed in an attempt to reduce the number of polling locations in the city, he said. More changes will likely be implemented in 2013, but Stubbs said they didn't want to change too much during a presidential election year.

Voters will be notified via mail twice that their location has changed, and election officials will display signs at each of the closed polling locations to tell them they vote somewhere else with contact information if there is any confusion.

Garry Kanter July 03, 2012 at 10:45 AM
"...and the same number of voters and precincts — 34,317 registered and divided into 37 precincts." While the 34,317 figure is accurately reported, it is, unfortunately, a wildly inflated number. Cuyahoga County voter rolls are grossly overstated - think Hotel California - "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." Unless someone self-reports when they relocate out of the county, or upon their own death, they stay on the voter rolls for a long time. These figures are from Wikipedia: 2010: CH Total population: 46,121 2000: 23.9% under the age of 18 (let's make the reasonable assumption that the % didn't change a whole lot since 2000) So... 46,121 - (46,121 * 23.95%) = Most possible voters in CH = 35,075 possible registered voters And 34,317 / 35,075 = % of all possible voters registered = 97.8%. It's mathematically possible (barely), humanly unattainable. If you're running a campaign anywhere in Cuyahoga County, this is important information.


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