Celebration For Bob Downey Set for June 2

Former City Councilman Kenneth Montlack said all who would like to recognize Bob Downey's service to the city are invited.

Former Cleveland Heights City Councilman Kenneth Montlack, former City Councilwoman Nancy Dietrich and Chessie Bleick are hosting a party to celebrate former City Manager Bob Downey's service to the city at 7 p.m. June 2 at the Dietrich's home, 2350 Delamere Drive.

Montlack said in an email that "residents and friends wanting to help celebrate Bob's dedication to the community" are invited to the open house.

Downey after 27 years as city manager, and more than 30 working for Cleveland Heights.

Questions as it seemed abrupt — his final day was 24 hours after he submitted his resignation letter, and he did not attend the to hear the kind words council said about his work. He was not given a plaque, a token of honor that longtime Finance Director Tom Malone received just a couple of months before when he announced his resignation. 

Cleveland Heights Mayor Ed Kelley said later that he and some members of council talked to Downey " ... The majority of council felt that it was time to move in a different direction."

Some council members gave him very positive reviews on , completed by council yearly, while others indicated they were not happy with his work. The lowest score he received was 30 out of 70 points, while the highest was 67.5.

Montlack said "Cleveland Heights residents and others who are friends and well-wishers of Bob Downey are invited" to thank him for his work.


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