VIDEO City Council Election 2011: Candidate Mike Gaynier

As part of our election coverage, Cleveland Heights Patch will provide profiles of each of the candidates for local offices

Editor's Note: As part of Cleveland Heights Patch's , we will provide profiles of each of the candidates running for City Council and the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School Board. These profiles will offer biographical and issue-oriented details about each of the candidates to help you, the voters, make more-informed decisions at the ballot box. We also offer to record a short video of each candidate that will help you learn more about them, and a special Facebook page dedicated to elections coverage. The profiles are completed by candidates and run once a candidate has filed with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. Stay tuned for more coverage of the election.


Age: 58

Occupation: Consultant 

Education: BGS, University of Michigan, 1982

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Office Sought: Cleveland Heights City Council 

Previous Political Office Sought or Held: None

Candidate Statement: My wife, Lisa, and I live in Cleveland Heights because we want to live in a vibrant, diverse, walkable community that shares our values, has the quality of life we are looking for, and provides great opportunities for service to the community. No other community compares to what we have here in Cleveland Heights. We love it!

I am currently Board President of Cleveland Heights’ (HRRC), and a senior consultant for creativechange.biz, focused on cultural competence, executive coaching, leadership development, performance management, and assisting non-profits improve performance. Leading HRRC the past three years, I have been on the front lines of the fight to protect and preserve our neighborhoods, working to prevent foreclosures, reduce vacancies and rehabilitate neglected properties to support diversity and sustainability in this great city.

I will work to:

  • Preserve our neighborhoods with sustainable renovation and diversified housing options.
  • Double the number of neglected homes being sustainably renovated.
  • Include new single floor, smaller home and condominium designs in vacant or reclaimed property developments.
  • Support and promote vibrant local businesses and non-profits that enhance our community.
  • Fill the gaps in our business districts.
  • Promote and link through the .
  • Reach out to current business owners to ascertain their long- and short-term needs.
  • Reduce red tape businesses encounter working with city departments.
  • Set specific, measurable goals and objectives for targeted development.
  • Aggressively seek funding for qualifying organizations.
  • Strengthen our schools by working cooperatively with educators.
  • Support the !
  • Aggressively promote the accomplishments of our public schools.
  • Work collaboratively to promote and insure high-quality public education.
  • Balance our budgets.
  • Focus on public safety and core services.
  • Promote government transparency and accountability.
  • Invest in our future.
  • Seek and promote regional cooperation to produce fiscally sound economic development and growth.
  • Collaborate with our surrounding communities and Cuyahoga County to take advantage of regionally beneficial development and service cost reduction opportunities.

Learn more at www.realgainforclevelandheights.com, or call 216-645-1431 for more information.

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