City Sells 2 More Homes

Cleveland Heights City Council approved the sale of two homes renovated with money from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Cleveland Heights City Council approved the sale of two more homes renovated through a federal grant at .

The City of Cleveland Heights has rehabilitated 12 homes through the , which grants money to local governments to buy abandoned, vacant and foreclosed homes, repair them and . The dollars also can be used to demolish homes that can't be saved.

The home at 950 Dresden Road will be sold for $65,000 and as required by the government, the owners will receive $5,000 down payment assistance. The other property at 1035 Helmsdale Road will be sold for $96,000 and the buyers will also receive $5,000 down payment assistance.

With the sale of these two homes, the city has now sold nine of the 12 NSP houses, said Councilman Dennis Wilcox, calling the specific sales "very successful."

"These two particular homes involve two Cleveland Heights renters that are in the medical field that are now able to purchase homes in Cleveland Heights," Wilcox said.

City Council also declared two properties to be a public nuisance and will demolish the homes at 3212 Sycamore Road and 3221-3223 Sycamore Road. It will cost more than $26,000 to raze both properties, which each had 50 to 80 violations that the owners failed to correct.

Tifanny Barnes March 10, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Cleveland Heights spent $140,000 to fix up these homes, then sells them at a deep discount and minus another $5,000. How does this make sense? Whoops, I forgot, Cleveland Heights City Council and city manager were involved. No wonder it doesn't make sense. City council does whatever Downey tells them to do and they always vote unanimously. This money was a total waste of our tax dollars and disrespectful of the needs of the community. Check out the photo-----isn't there a porch missing on that house that they spent $140,000 to rehab? Dumb, dumb, dumb.
Akiva Feinstein March 11, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Total sale price $161,000 - $10k down payment assistance = $151k and you say it cost $140k to fix them up. I see a gain of $10k. I am assuming that your figure to fix up is right and that the city got them for free- right? Isn't that $10k better than the city paying to demo them.


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