Recount Possible in Nail-Biter Cleveland Heights City Council Race

Final, unofficial results in from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections show Wilcox, Evans and Dunbar as the winners, but the results are close

All 37 precincts in Cleveland Heights are in, but the City Council race is close, close enough that a recount is possible.

Incumbent Dennis Wilcox was the one clear winner, snagging 6,947 votes, according to final, unofficial results from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

But the candidates who received the next three highest votes have only a 63-vote margin among them. Incumbent Phyllis Evans received 6,281, Mary Dunbar is just nine votes behind with 6,272 and Jeff Coryell had 6,218. With numbers that close, according to the Ohio Revised Code, an automatic recount is possible.

"If the number of votes cast in any county or municipal election for the declared winning nominee, candidate, question, or issue does not exceed the number of votes cast for the declared defeated nominee, candidate, question, or issue by a margin of one-half of one per cent or more of the total vote, the appropriate board of elections shall order a recount which shall be conducted as provided in sections 3515.04 and 3515.05 of the Revised Code.

If the results remain, Wilcox, Evans and Dunbar will serve four-year terms.

Jason Stein, who ran unopposed to complete former Cleveland Heights City Councilman Mark Tumeo's term, will serve for two years. He received 8,630 votes.

"I’m very gratified to be in first place at this point," Wilcox said. "I hope I can continue to serve the voters as I have in the last 12 years. I was very pleased, I worked hard on this campaign. I know all the candidates worked hard and there were very good candidates running against me, but I tried to get my record out there to the voters and what I stood for and I was very pleased that they responded positively."

Evans was thankful but disappointed that Coryell was not in the top three.

"Oh what I shame. I was certainly hoping that Jeff would be in the top three," she said. "If I am truly one of the victors, I’m thrilled, and I appreciate that the voters had enough confidence to have me re-elected. I'm certainly very much appreciative of that."

Dunbar, the only challenger to win the race according to early results, also thanked her supporters.

"All I can say is thanks to the voters. I really appreciate their support, and I’ll do my very best for our city."

Stein, who was appointed to council in June, said he looks forward to the next two years.

"I am honored to have received this tremendous vote of confidence to serve the citizens of Cleveland Heights for another two years. I will continue to advocate for policies, new ideas and efficiencies to make our City better. As always, I hope that residents will share their thoughts, concerns and ideas with me," Stein said. 

Look for more updates soon. Below are the unofficial, final results from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.


Number of votes

Jeff Coryell


Mary Dunbar


Phyllis Evans


Mike Gaynier


Keba Sylla        


Dennis Wilcox



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