Council Approves New Rates for Parks and Recreation Programs

Those in the CHUH School District who are not Cleveland Heights residents will have lower non-resident fees for the field house

Cleveland Heights residents will receive an updated parks and recreation guide in the mail this week detailing the programs the city offers. 

That guide will include changes to fees for some programs passed by City Council at . 

Councilwoman Cheryl Stephens read the ordinance, and said that there were no significant changes to the rates or regulations with the exception of passes for people who are in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District but are not Cleveland Heights residents.

"We're decreasing non-resident fees to the field house ... so we encourage more people to use our rec center," Stephens said.   

The field house pass includes the basketball courts and workout facility in the . Here's an overview of the changes, provided by Commissioner of Parks and Recreation for Cleveland Heights Larry Shaw:

Non-residents (but live within the CHUH School District) passes for Field House 

Cost for the 2010-2011 season

Cost for the 2011-2012 Season

Ages 18 to 24

$330/year  $44/month

$248/year  $33/month

Adults 25 and older

$384/year $52/month

$288/year $39/month

Kindergarten to Age 11 (includes ice rink)

$310/year $40/month 

$186/year $30/month

Age 12 to High School (includes ice rink)

$330/year $46/month

$221/year $39/month

"These changes were made with University Heights families in mind," Shaw said, explaining that the city wanted to make sure the facilities were accessible to families in the district who are not Cleveland Heights residents. 

Family rates are also an option now for non-residents in the district. The cost for a family is $468 per year and $63 per month.

Stephens said that in addition to these changes, others include a 10-percent increase in speed-skating and adult hockey fees.

Residents will receive a new guide with the updated fees and details about programs at the Community Center and parks sometime this week, said Susanna Niermann O'Neil, the city's community services director. 

Shaw said other changes have been made that can't be fully appreciated from the brochure alone. 

"We added three new 20-foot umbrellas and 12 new deck chairs (to Cumberland Pool) … as well as the ," Shaw said. "Fall soccer and flag football will take place at , which should be done pretty soon." 

kirsten radivoyevitch August 05, 2011 at 11:55 AM
This is a great step forward! Another way to possibly increase usage of the facilities is to offer these lower rates to those who work or own businesses in Cleveland Heights but live in other cities.


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