Council Celebrates LGBT Pride Month By Sharing Some History

Cleveland Heights Councilwoman Bonita Caplan read a resolution that included laws the city has passed in support of the LGBT community and to ensure all residents have equal rights.

Cleveland Heights City Council read a resolution at its regular meeting Monday, June 4, that .

Councilwoman Bonita Caplan read the resolution, which included a history of laws passed in Cleveland Heights to ensure all residents have equal rights:

  • 1976 — "This council committed itself to a resolution establishing the Nine-Point Plan to promote a well-maintained, full service residential community, which is racially, religiously and ethnically diverse."
  • 1982 — "This council reaffirmed its commitment to diversity and tolerance by prohibiting discrimination in city employment based upon sexual orientation as well as race, religious, sex, disability and ethnic status."
  • 2002— "This council determined to extend employment benefits to domestic partners of city employees"
  • 2003 — "The citizens of Cleveland Heights initiated and passed an ordinance to provide for the establishment of a domestic partner registry."


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