Election 2011: Issue 6, CHUH Schools 6.9-Mill Levy

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District has put a 6.9-mill levy on the November ballot

What: Issue 6, Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District 6.9-mill levy

Election Day: Nov. 8

Ballot Language: An additional tax for the benefit of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District for the purpose of current expenses, at a rate not exceeding 6.9 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 69 cents for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2011, first due in calendar year 2012.

History: The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District put a 7.2-mill levy on the 2007 ballot, which passed. That money was supposed to last three years, but the district stretched it to four. The district says that 6.9-mills is the lowest levy amount it has requested in about 30 years. 

Argument For: If the levy doesn't pass, the district would be forced to cut at least $7 million from the budget. This levy would keep the CHUH schools operating at their current levels, and prevent layoffs. The district has already cut $6 million from the budget, and teachers, administrators and staff have agreed to forgo cost-of-living pay increases for two years. The proposed 6.9-mill levy is less than what the lay finance committee recommended, which was 7.2 mills.

Argument Against: The 6.9-mill levy will increase taxes by $211 every year for every $100,000 in property valuation. Opponents say the district's budget shortfalls shouldn't be carried by residents. 

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yvette mumphrey August 31, 2011 at 02:51 AM
Just think about it. If we don.t try to pass this levy, we all will suffer in some kind of way.Isn't the next thing to get cut is extra curriculum activities along with our educators for the future. All I know is I have had enough of seeing children up and down coventry and around cain park just hanging out causing trouble!!! So on that note people please allow this levy to pass because this will be just once again but even worse what we will be dealing with all year round not just the summer!!!!!"CHILDREN HANGING OUT!!!!
Eric Mack August 31, 2011 at 10:22 AM
When the County lowered real-estate valuation by 6% city-wide about a year ago, my property taxes did NOT go down. 1) Why not? 2) Will this tax be applied to my "lower" current value, or somehow apply to the previous value?
Hank Drake August 31, 2011 at 01:45 PM
Mike, that's a question many have considered, including those who send their children to private schools and demand a tax credit since they're not using the public system. Here's my situation: I'm a gay man with no kids, I can't legally marry in Ohio, and get none of the tax credits that come with having children. So why should I pay ANY school taxes? The answer is simple: I'm not paying for the eduction of kids in school now, I am retroactively paying back for my own education. That's why I support our public schools, and also why I decide whether to support a levy based on the merits of that particular request.
Donald R. Thompson August 31, 2011 at 08:20 PM
My dept. saw a 25% reduction in staff via layoffs and no sign of anyone being brought back. The voters where I work rejected a tax increase that would have raised their taxes but still would have put them in the lower 66% of income tax rates in this county and they (voters) are 3rd in per capita income levels in Cuyahoga County. My dept. has taken a wage freeze for 2 years AND had people I work with laid off, I'm not very sympathetic at this moment...Union member or not.
kwabena de la warre sankofa November 03, 2011 at 07:14 PM
let me get this right; here come CHUH with their hand out again, like a kid who mis-spent his allowance; not too long ago, superintendents were getting 6-figure buy-outs when they really should've gone to jail for doing the things we try tell the kids not to; we are still paying for those buy-outs! on the other hand, rich folk have wheedled out of paying their fair share, via something called "abatements"; and now teachers are offered a $60,000 buy-out to retire! and you have the utter nerve to come to me with another levy request, crying about how you'll have to cut back on services without it? how about let's cut back on staff, starting with school board seats! do we really need every accountant, administrator, facilitator? why not make teachers' salaries performance-based like everyone in the real world? if Johnny doesn't want to learn, too bad--somebody has to be captain of the ship, and in school its supposed to be the teachers, right? and can you blame Johnny, with a HS graduation rate that is lucky to see 50%, and many of them functionally illiterate? we all know there are two high schools--one for those headed for college, another for the rest--which promotes frustration and so civil war between the two "classes" of students; how much of the levy is going to fix that? as far as i'm concerned, CHUH, until you clean up your performance, NO MORE ALLOWANCE, just like my parents used to tell me;


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