Natural Gas Rates in Cleveland Heights Aggregation Program TBD

The city signed on for another two years with Integrys Energy Services, but the price will not be available for a few weeks.

Cleveland Heights City Council approved a resolution to continue working with Integrys Energy Services for its 10-year-old natural gas aggregation program, but there's a catch.

The gas company, known here as Dominion East Ohio, has not struck a rate yet.

"I'd like to tell you how much this is going to be, but I can’t," said Councilwoman Bonita Caplan. "They wait until the last possible moment to strike a price."

Caplan said the city should know in about three weeks what the rate is from the company.

"If the price were struck today, it would be $4.50/Mcf. The hope is that it will be less," she said, as the program is meant to offer residents and businesses discounted rates.

The city has used Integrys for the past two years, and the new contract is for a two-year period starting in November.

Caplan encouraged residents to hang on to letters from Integrys, as residents can opt out of the aggregation program.

"Do pay attention and if you get these letters, then I encourage you to hang on to the letters and to maybe not sign up because you may get a better deal this year."


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