VIEW: Feasibility Study on UH-Shaker Fire Merger

Here's a look at a preliminary study on a potential merging of the fire departments in University Heights and Shaker Heights.

The governments in University Heights and Shaker Heights will spend the summer pondering a merger of the communities' fire departments.

Both parties await logistical details from North Carolina-based Emergency Services Consulting International to gauge whether merging would work and how much money such a move would save. The Cleveland Foundation gave the cities a $40,000 grant to help cover the cost of the study.

ESCI hopes to have late June or early July, Senior Vice President of Operations Philip Kouwe said. The organization has already completed a preliminary Cooperative Fire Service Delivery Feasibility Analysis based on information the cities gave to ESCI. You can view full results of the study by clicking on the document's icon.

SMF May 22, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Wow, that said absolutely nothing! How about reporting with details, facts, something substantial as your headline indicates? I'm tired of clicking on links - online or on in your iPhone app- where the headline promises an actual news-story, only to find that the headline is either the entire story, or the story is missing any actual information. I'm about ready to give-up on Patch!
Brandon Baker May 22, 2012 at 07:45 PM
SMF, thanks for reading. The headline was simply a call for people to view the study. The information you're likely looking for about this issue was included in this article (http://clevelandheights.patch.com/articles/uh-shaker-discuss-merging-fire-departments). It was posted last week following the most recent public meeting on the matter. Hope that helps.


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