(Campfire) Pull-Apart Garlic and Cheese Bread

A round sourdough bread loaf is cut in a crosshatch fashion, and stuffed with butter, garlic and mozzarella cheese.

I went camping on Saturday. If you know me, you know…even one night in the woods is a seriously big deal. It’s sort of the equivalent to my husband shopping at 4am the day after Thanksgiving. Which…has also happened. This is probably why camping last weekend had to happen. In some sort of karma in the universe kind of situation.

Camping is mostly an issue with me because I like my bed. And I like a flushing toilet just down the hall. I know…call me crazy. I’m also particularly fond of my kitchen…and especially the things in it I’ve managed to acquire from Anthropologie.

Basically, if campfires were left for s’mores alone, I’d probably be okay with it. But…because they weren’t this weekend, I made the best of it. Clearly, the best of it involves carbs and cheese. (And an air mattress in the dang tent.)

What you should know is…this bread could be cooked in your oven, or on a backyard grill. I’m in no way encouraging you to go to sleep in a tent, smelling like smoke. Unless that’s (strangely) your favorite.

This is simple…a round, sourdough loaf of bread is cut in a crosshatch fashion, without cutting all the way through to the bottom of the bread. This creates little cube pockets to be stuffed with nice things like butter and minced garlic and cubes of mozzarella cheese.

The stuffed bread is wrapped in foil, and placed over a campfire (or in the oven or on the grill…you pick). It cooks until the cheese is melty and the bread is crusty. Then, it’s a pull apart dinner situation.

If camping is in your Labor Day weekend plans…I hope this bread keeps your sanity intact. But if drinks by the pool is more your thing, can I come over? I’ll bring bread.

(Campfire) Pull-Apart Garlic and Cheese Bread

1 round sourdough loaf of bread (it’s best to buy this same day or the day before)
2-3 tablespoons butter
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup mozzarella cheese cubes

Cut into the bread in a crosshatch fashion, being careful not to cut all the way through to the bottom. Spread butter into each slice of bread, and sprinkle with minced garlic. (Be careful to spread butter and garlic all the way to the bottom of the bread.) Pulling apart the bread gently, add a cube of mozzarella cheese between each cut. (You’ll want to do this both vertically and horizontally…if that makes sense.) Again, push the cheese down to the bottom of the bread in some areas to evenly distribute. Wrap stuffed bread in aluminum foil and cook over your heat source of choice for 15-20 minutes, or until the cheese has melted entirely. Serve warm.

For more recipes from Sarah, visit Baking Serendipity.

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Michelle Gibbner August 29, 2012 at 05:38 PM
YUM! I will be camping next weekend & wanted to try some new campfire ideas Thank you!
The Omnipotent Sponge - Soak it up! August 31, 2012 at 02:07 AM
If you're itching to get your hands good and gooey and covered in flour before cooking the dough on a stick over the open flame or fried to perfection in a cast iron skillet (over the campfire, of course!), here's a few good sites/recipes for bannock. Bannock is a traditional enleavened flat bread. A taste of what cooking 'round a campfire is all about! http://my.tbaytel.net/scouts/camp/bannock.html or http://www.michaelsmeanderings.com/2008/12/recipe-bannock-on-stick.html or http://www.paddlinglight.com/articles/tutorial/how-to-cook-bannock-on-a-stick-campfire-bread/ Yum!
Sean Gaffney August 31, 2012 at 01:43 PM
This sounds really good - will have to give it a try


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