Names in the News: Johnetta Wiley, New Heights High Administrative Principal

Wiley will lead the four small schools at Cleveland Heights High School starting in the 2012-2013 school year, so we asked her what she has planned for students, why she was inspired to become an educator and more.

Name & Occupation: , Administrative Principal, Cleveland Heights

Where do you live? What do you like most about the CH-UH community?

I am still looking to rent a home in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights neighborhoods. The community’s neighborhood has such character as seen in the styles of the homes and in the turns and bends of the streets. The community’s active involvement in the city and school district is most impressive.

What drew you to become an educator and what do you find most interesting about the work you do?  Long story short, I used to teach my twin sisters, my two dogs and my 15 dolls everything I learned each day from my teacher. It was my destiny. I love what I do and do what I love. I love our kids and the art of teaching. We make all other professions possible and my time and commitment to children is my investment into America’s future.

What personal and professional accomplishments are you most proud of?  Earning my doctorate was a definite milestone in my life.

I know you just started, but what are some of your goals when entering a new role at a school? Are their any programs/initiatives you'd like to implement at Heights High? You are correct in that I am just getting started. I value who I am and I value what I do; however, I will collaborate with my administrative teams, my parents and most importantly with my teachers before I start setting goals publicly.

What is something you'd like parents and students to know about you? I love kids and the art of teaching. I would like to thank parents for the opportunity to nurture such beautiful minds.

What are you most excited about in your new role? That I get an opportunity to join such a strong tradition and participate in cultivating a mindset pursuant to excellence in more than one way.

Tell me something that people may not know about you. I sang to my last graduating class of 2012 in Columbus during the ceremony. I played the trumpet for two years of junior high school and four years of high school. I was the lead trumpeter of 12 males.

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