Pro Football Player Talks Faith at John Carroll University

Students hear John Greco's tips for keeping the faith on and off the field

by Courtney Radtkin

Courtney Radtkin is a college student from Willoughby Hills studying journalism. This story appears through PatchU, a Patch program whose mission is to create opportunities for students to garner hands-on news experience.

Last week the John Carroll University student atrium was filled with music, energized students and a very special guest who all shared one common trait: a drive to be a better person.

Students gathered for the “Dare You To Move” event put on by an on-campus group called The Living Person Friday, Feb. 15. Special guest John Greco, number 77 on Cleveland's pro football team, shared how he lives his life for God.

Jurell Sison, Resident Minister at John Carroll University, recently created the new group on John Carroll’s campus called The Living Person.

“The Living Person is an effort of the community striving to be better to give glory to God,” said Sison. It challenges students to makea commitment to better themselves in mind, body, or spirit, for 30, 60, or 90 days.

Students filled out their Living Person challenge card and received a bracelet as a reminder of their commitment. Along with Greco, there was another special guest, Sam Brenner. The on-the-rise 25-year-old singer/songwriter performed for the students of John Carroll.

Sophomore Kristen Gittinger said with a smile on her face, “I love going to a college that encourages me to be a better version of myself.”

Not only did students give testimonies throughout the night about how they are a “living person,” but Greco did as well. The room got quiet.

“No matter what I do in life, I want to do it to the best of my ability, even if it is simply taking out the trash,” said Greco. Greco said he prays before every workout and listens to spiritual and inspirational music while working out as well.

Greco told students that the toughest part about having a faith-driven life is wondering why bad things happen to both him and others. It is hard to keep faith, he admits, but staying positive and having faith is key to success and a good faith life.

“Greco breaks down the walls of the typical stereotypes football players have by sharing his faith life and not acting tough like the Incredible Hulk,” said student Kyle Vermette.

In a personal interview, Greco said a lot of his other teammates are faith-driven as well. He said there is always someone there to support you. The team is offered many different faith opportunities including bible studies and men-driven faith devotionals.

“And of course we pray before every game,” said Greco.



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