Renovating Heights High First Would Cost An Extra $8 Million

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School Board again discussed the possibility of renovating the high school in Phase 1 of the proposed facilities master plan.

If the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District started construction on first, the estimated cost of the would increase by more than $8 million.

Steve Shergalis, director of business services, explained why at the regular CH-UH School Board meeting Tuesday night at .

Shergalis said moving the high school first would increase escalation costs, or the projected inflation of supplies, materials and labor. And providing swing space for thousands of students at once would also make the $193.7 million renovation project more expensive.

School board members asked about moving the high school project first at their , as residents had suggested the idea during the .

“(Heights High) is a school that every single one of our students will ultimately attend, or so we hope, and it represents us publicly. It represents us to other schools who come to play against our school ... And I think letting this be a beacon and something really to be proud of, and something to look forward to and sort of rally everyone around would be a positive place to start,” said Krissy Gallagher, who received an energetic applause after she shared the idea at the April 18 meeting.

Sam Bell, owner of , also wrote a proposing the district start with Heights and "show us what you've got."

Plan C, the third idea developed by architects working to renovate and modernize the buildings, calls for renovating , and elementary schools, , and middle schools and demolishing and rebuilding in Phase I of the master plan. The current elementary schools would serve pre-kindergarten through third grade and the middle schools would house fourth through eighth grades.

Heights High would be the only school renovated in Phase II, and the building alone will cost an estimated $81.4 million. 

The first phase would take approximately three years, and Heights High would take two years. The phasing plans included with this article outline the seven-year process and where students would move during construction, which is proposed to begin in the summer of 2013.

“Doing the high school first requires us to incur additional costs to accommodate and create swing space. That’s really the bulk of the cost," Shergalis said.

Superintendent Douglas Heuer said other possible negative impacts of switching the phasing plans have little to do with cost.

"It’s not just a matter of providing swing space, but a matter of providing quality swing space ... We don’t want to have any of our students leave and feel that they’ve been significantly short-changed," Heuer said, noting the importance of the high school years..

Board members asked that Shergalis continue to look into this option. They will meet again to discuss the proposed facilities master plan May 15.

After the regular meeting, board members went into an executive session to discuss the possibility of selling the , which closed in 2006. They did not take action. An of the school should be available May 7.

Look for more highlights from the CH-UH School Board meeting soon, and visit our topic page to see all articles related to the facilities master plan.

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Emily Jones May 02, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Why did the School Board meet in Executive Session to discuss selling Millikin if they do not yet have the appraisal? Sounds to me that they already have the appraisal.
Claire Robinson May May 02, 2012 at 03:48 PM
The phasing looks like kids entering Roxboro Middle in 2013 will go to trailers and stay there for 2 years. Is this correct? If we have so much excess space in the district, why are "modular units" even part of the conversation? How is that safe for kids or conducive to education? And why would I send my child to middle school here in 2013 if this is going to be his experience? And then it looks like a repeat of this experience during high school. I understand we should look at the big picture, but we have to consider the impact on our own kids' education too, and it's not pretty.
Susan Efroymson May 02, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Actually, Emily, they did get the appraisal early. Angee Shaker (did I spell that right?) confirmed to me that the numbers were in. That is why they went to executive session, and having waited to see if they would act, I can tell you it was dissappointing to see that they did not go ahead and vote in open session afterwards to move forward and finally put Millikin up for sale. Instead, they seem to still be looking for more information and considering....what????? We remain hopeful they will act quickly and inform the public ahead of the May 14 meeting with CH and UH Councils at Pavillion that Millkiin will go up for public auction. I don't think they can "act" without another open session meeting not scheduled until afterwards, but it may be possible to have a press release confirming their intent to do so. I am not sure about the exact protocol, only that they missed a chance last night. Let's hope they move speedily to put this issue to rest so the district can focus on the other building's issues.
Sam Bell May 03, 2012 at 01:27 AM
An extra $8 million to do the high school first? Let's see, if I use the District's other cost estimates, that should work out to about $1.05 per month for a $100,000 home as my added cost over a 20-year levy. Okay, I'm in. Show us what you can do. It's worth the $1.05 extra to have you show us how good a job you can do. After all, I'm really not that interested in reliving the 1970s, especially the part where we spent tens of millions of dollars to get it so wrong that now your best plan is just to bulldoze Boulevard and start over from scratch.
John Hubbard July 13, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Please consider signing this petition essentially asking the CH-UH Board of Ed to allow a year of honest community dialog before asking our community for $130 Million. http://www.change.org/petitions/cleveland-heights-university-heights-board-of-education-remove-plan-c-from-consideration-for-the-november-2012-ballot


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