Shaker Heights Rated 'Effective' on State Report Card

Additional preliminary data was released today, including individual school ratings.

The Ohio Department of Education rated the Shaker Heights City School District “Effective" on its 2011-2012 report card, according to preliminary data released today.

Out of 26 indicators — measures like how many students scored proficient on a certain state test or attendance rate — 22 were met.

They received a 99.2 score on the performance index, which measures how well students performed on state tests overall, out of 120 total possible points.

Preliminary individual school ratings were also released today. The majority of schools in the district received an "excellent" rating, and here are the results:

Boulevard Elementary School: Excellent

Fernway Elementary School: Excellent

Lomond Elementary School: Effective

Mercer Elementary School: Excellent

Onaway Elementary School: Excellent

Shaker Heights High School: Excellent

Shaker Heights Middle School: Continuous Improvement

Woodbury Elementary School: Excellent

There are no PDFs of "report cards" available yet, the format people are used to seeing, but results can be viewed here in an excel spreadsheet.

The ODE has been releasing report card information in batches as the state is investigating whether some districts manipulated attendance data and is holding off on releasing final report cards until that investigation is complete. In September, the ODE released preliminary information, including graduation rates.

Look for more details and information on Shaker Heights Patch soon.

Michael's Shorts October 20, 2012 at 05:55 PM
These ratings correlate very closely with demographics and SHCSD is one of the most diverse districts in the state. I understand the complains about the amount of spending, but short of switching student enrollment with a district like Solon or Beachwood, Shaker will have a hard time ever getting over the "Effective" hump it's been stuck at over the past few years.
Michael's Shorts October 20, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Mark, Beachwood spends roughly the same per student as Shaker does. Yet Beachwood has lower property taxes. How is this possible? What can Shaker do to maintain a school district that offers educational options that are competitive with neighboring districts, yet lower taxes? Some have argued that Shaker's test scores are being propped up by an elite, but small group of students from upper-middle class and wealthy families. Regardless of whether or not that is true, it should be noted that one of the main reasons these families continue to live in Shaker and continue to opt for public education, is precisely because of all of the options that the schools offer. If you cut back on those options, the families that can will start looking elsewhere.
Mark Zetzer October 21, 2012 at 01:10 AM
UH Resident, I'm not suggesting that Shaker schools cut back on educational options, or that the City cut back on essential public services. Our taxing authorities here need to cut costs, not services. They need to put children and parents first in education and citizens first in city services, before the needs or demands of public employees. Our public servants have been entrusted with monopoly power over our money and property to do just that. But when public servants are compensated at pay and benefit scales far beyond their private sector counterparts, and tax rates are raised so high to pay for these costs that residents are pushed out and the city's population declines for decades, the public trust has been violated. Taxing authorities need to rightsize their institutions to live within the means of the community, and that means providing better services at lower costs. If they can't do this then they need to offer taxpayers private options on a level playing field, through school choice and privatized city services.
Shiesha Oliver October 22, 2012 at 05:04 AM
I don't totally disagree with either of you. Shaker is awesome, and I love living here. I love the education that my children are receiving as well. I do however think that Shaker can better utilize it's resources, our taxes are astronomical. I have to tighten my belt Shaker will have to do the same. The Environmental services should be a start. And something should be free around here. Like one class at the Rec or something. There should be some tangible gain for all of the money we spend in our community.
Elmer Evans February 28, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Beachwood has a vibrant commercial tax base rooted in keeping rates low and regulations to a minimum. Shaker is the complete opposite. The contrast between 2 different ideologies is apparent and can be seen by simply driving the 2 miles from Chagrin/Lee to Chagrin/Richmond. Beachwood residents benefit in having property taxes that are significantly less.


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