Fox 8: Josh Cribbs Plans to Battle $15 Parking Ticket in Cleveland Heights

Browns player says he still had time left on the meter when he found the ticket on his car

It's not about the money. 

If Cleveland Browns player Josh Cribbs just paid the parking ticket he got from Cleveland Heights police within a few days, he would owe the city $15.

But according to a story on Fox 8, Cribbs insists he still had time on the meter, and he's taking it to court. 

"I was at the barber, and I went outside to put a quarter in the meter. I saw I had a parking ticket. But there was eight minutes left on the meter, I was highly upset," said Cribbs in the Fox 8 story. 

Cribbs wrote several tweets about the incident on his Twitter page.

"Police in cleveland heights just wrote me a ticket & my meter had time left wow..smh can u say not Guilty lol http://lockerz.com/s/111597384," he wrote on June 17, the day he got the ticket. 

The tweet included a link to a photo that shows him holding a ticket that matches the meter number, and the meter still has eight minutes remaining. 

"Got time stamped pics & video also it's a quarter Meter u cant put ten cents in it & make it say 8min, etc.," he wrote on Twitter June 20. 

Cleveland Heights Police Chief Jeffrey Robertson said someone must have put a quarter in Cribbs' meter after the ticket was placed on his car or turned the meter back to give him extra minutes.

Cribbs' court costs will exceed the ticket fine by $35, he said, but it's not about the money.

It's the principle. And with the NFL season still in limbo, he's got some time on his hands.

"I'm going to fight it 4everybody who gets a parking ticket b4 the meter expires & can't fight it bc of the court cost!!" he wrote on Twitter. 

Cribbs' court date is set for 1:30 p.m. June 30. 

Get the full story on Fox 8 here.

KentCitizen007 June 22, 2011 at 05:01 PM
Ok...Cribbs. What's the big deal about a parking ticket after you were arrested in Kent and charged with Trafficking in Marjuana. My guess is Cribbs saw the ticket put .25 cents in and returned a few minutes later to take a picture. Save your energy for the football field Cribbs.
Brian June 23, 2011 at 12:47 AM
Innocent until proven guilty! The police should have to provide a digital photo of the expired meter with each ticket. The officers in Cleveland hts. are a disgrace to all real police officers who do serve the public. The chief should be fired since he supports this type of unethical behavior. Brian
Jon Ridinger June 23, 2011 at 03:49 AM
I think you contradicted your "innocent until proven guilty" by accusing the police of unethical behavior and saying the officer who issued the ticket was a "disgrace" and the chief should be fired. I'd definitely like to hear the officer's side. What the chief said (someone putting extra money in later) could very well have happened. I honestly don't know or really care. If there was some kind of conspiracy, I don't think a $15 traffic ticket would be much of a way to make money. And if this wasn't Josh Cribbs, no one would even know this happened.
Gary Michaels June 23, 2011 at 03:52 AM
Was Josh the first college kid to ever smoke weed? He obviously has done pretty well for himself, our community, and KSU since that incident. When are people like you going to stop being petty and holding that over his head? He obviously learned from his mistakes and became a better person for it. What more do you want?
Jeri Ann Waltrip June 23, 2011 at 05:48 AM
The same thing happened to me by the High School. There are no meters there but you are allowed to park for 1 hour. I was volunteering at the school. I was not in the school for an hour but when I came out, I had a ticket. Plus the address that I was supposedly parked in front of was not where I was parked. I contested the ticket & won. Yes, it's only $15 but it adds up. People go ahead & pay the tickets even though they haven't violated anything because it is inconvenient to contest it. I don't complain about our police writting speeding tickets because if you are speeding, then you are speeding & breaking the law, but this is just wrong.


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