Cat Adoption: Elliott and Mickey – PAWS Pets of the Week

Kittens have been looking for a home.

Meet Elliott and Mickey, two terrific little kittens who could use a little luck and love in their lives. Week after week, they languish in the PetSmart cages, longing for someone to look their way, fall in love and take them home. They are both such great kitties!

Elliott is about 8 months old. He has a beautiful tabby top and tail, and a luxurious white front, face and boots. He is wonderfully affectionate and loves kids, adults, some cats and is okay with dogs. Elliott adores attention. He will curl up on his foster mommy for chin rubs and ear rubs and just purr up a storm. He loves attention and will follow you from room to room to get some.

Elliott's best friend, Mickey, is about 10 months old with glossy black hair and glowing green eyes. He is a wonderful kitty! He loves kids, adults, cats and dogs. Mickey gets along well with everyone. Mickey is very active and needs a playmate because his activity level is so high. He loves to race around, run up and down the cat perches, chase the laser light and have wrestling matches with Elliott. Mickey also loves affection, and will lay down beside you for a nice nap or when it's time for bed.

Elliott and Mickey have a blast chasing each other, wrestling, playing in the crunchy tunnel, and chasing after the laser light. These boys have been looking for their forever home for quite some time. Open up your heart and home, and make 2012 The Year Of The Cat!

If you're interested in Mickey and/or Elliot, or any other PAWS pets, contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit www.pawsohio.org

Donna January 13, 2012 at 12:34 PM
I have seen Mickey on two different occasions at the PetSmart in Mayfield Heights. It breaks my heart that he has not been adopted. He was engaging and playful through the window and would no doubt be a fun and loving pet. We already have three cats and a fourth is out of the question, but I would have taken him in a minute. I hope he finds a loving home soon!
Katherine Kurkov January 13, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Sat from 11-4 PetSmart will have an adoption event through PAWS. You can see Mickey, other cats and lots of dogs (with their foster parents).Thanks for writing.


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