Coventry, Curfew and Culture!

Coventry Fair is a neighborhood event, it's not fair to the Vendors to cancel because of unruly youth. This is Cleveland Hts., and the ADULTS are in charge.

Cleveland Heights is a community of diversity in race and culture, however we're ONE neighborhood when it comes to the quality and value of raising our children to be respectable accountable and educated adults.

Your Ethnicity in Cleveland Heights doesn't justify a fight, look to the left or to the right I know you'll notice someone living on your street is different.

Culture in Cleveland Heights cultivates civilization, education, disciplined enlightenment and refinement in every area of life that has relevancy to development from childhood to adulthood.

Coventry in Cleveland Hts. is a place where you can find something for everyone . . . shopping, a variety of foods, entertainment and people.

Curfew should be imposed to make sure our young people have boundaries and restrictions when applicable, to protect them from any potential harm or danger due to lack of maturity.

Cleveland Hts. is  a wonderful neighborhood,  managing the same challenges that you deal with the youth  in any neighborhood.

Have a great day!

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A July 09, 2011 at 07:39 PM
Maureen thanks for also paying heed to common sense and honesty. I just happen to get onto this site by sheer accident. Initially I was happy to have found this site, but soon came to realize that this site is shockingly pathetic. Why grown people hide from and try to muzzle the truth is unfathomable. People congratulating each other in a totally fake manner, knowingly looking past the truth, running like cowards from any arguments and ultimately running to mothers (aka local editors) for support. Obviously this is the vaunted “diversity” of Cleveland Heights. It is so funny. The old saying that truth tastes bitter is a pill that “certain” people cannot swallow. Other than the boring blotter news, this site is so full of utterly useless material, insipid, vacuous and boring “wanna-be writers”, who cannot even make any argument on their behalf. Perhaps Hemingway started out a coward? I can’t see how this site makes any money or is it just a means for certain people to entertain themselves after the Oprah show went off the air!
A July 09, 2011 at 07:39 PM
Maureen, as far as Cleveland Heights goes, it is well known to have been in decay for a few decades with its oft touted ethnic diversity as anything but! The mere contiguous presence of different ethnicities is but a fig leaf for the ethnic disharmony as manifested by separate sub-enclaves resided by different groups with trivial commonality on an “as-need-be” basis. Having students and faculty from the universities and medical centers who are forced to stay here does little but cover up the flight of the more well to do or those who don’t mind the transit time. This is common where universities exist. The faculty and students at Wash. U in St. Louis also rarely travel outside their enclaves also. I have not been to Cedar/Lee or Coventry area for years. I shop online and at most Beachwood/Legacy Village areas where the ambience is devoid of the untoward elements here. If I did not have keep a place here close to the medical centers, I would be out in a nanosecond. I have recently bought a second home in Hudson even though there is a 35-45 minute transit time. Have a drive through Cleveland and see the future of Cleveland Heights. The universities and medical centers can blunt the downward spiral only for so long.
RT July 10, 2011 at 01:00 AM
The problem with imposing a curfew is that these people don't live in homes, they live in dens. The are 20 or more to a dwelling and no way to impose a curfew. Every night since the big curfew announcement, gangs of kids have passed by my house yelling and swearing till 2 am. The cops are busy assuring that Paramount Studios is able to film their movie. Well Florida Evans doesn't live in this city- I was thinking work camps
Kate Pophal July 21, 2011 at 12:32 PM
'A' Cleveland Heights is better off without you.
Jake Crouse October 07, 2011 at 12:40 PM
Just becuz no one asked: Heights police should block off both ends of Desota Ave....begin a door-to-door sweep .... and round up, oh, say, 100 or so Most Wanted thugs in the Heights. The Result ? Heights crime rate drops dramatically.


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